MSI is a full service roofing contractor that offers a compliment of roofing solutions: Preventative Maintenance, Emergency leak services, Site roof inspections and Maintenance programs tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Utilizing comprehensive in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art systems, we are flexible to best meet your needs and objectives and thus package our services into the delivery method that is optimal to meet your project goals, schedule and budget.

Roof Management Program

Most material manufacturers’ warranties require the owner to periodically inspect and perform maintenance to their roofing system. MSI provides comprehensive roof inspections by qualified individuals as part of our preventative maintenance contract. A typical maintenance program involves the following services:

  • Clean all roof drains, scuppers, and gutters
  • Clean Roof Areas where water accumulates
  • Repair all membrane damage from punctures
  • Inspection of all flashings at penetrations and curbs, including walls, pipes, and skylights
  • Inspection of all seams and expansion joints in the field of the roof
  • Re-secure any loose sheet metal, gutters, or downspouts
  • Apply caulk to roof areas as needed
  • Priority service for roof emergencies

Thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal performance. Our infrared cameras show you thermal problems, quantify them with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and document them automatically in seconds.

Detect roof failures with non-destructive results and prevent further damage to existing roof systems

MSI Infrared scans are fast and affordable, and they provide accurate observations of the condition of an existing roofing system. Our team is capable of evaluating a roof area in a single visit during our walk-over method, or millions of square feet by utilizing low flying aircraft. Infrared imaging stands above all other methods in prolonging the life of a commercial roof system. Infrared roof inspections are a non-contact and non-destructive testing method to determine active roof leaks.

Infrared roof inspections work on the principle that different materials in the roof have different thermal masses. In the daytime, the sun heats the roof structure. After the sun sets, the roof begins to cool. If there is a leak in the roofing membrane, the insulation inside the roof will become wet. The wet insulation has a higher thermal mass than the rest of the dry roof structure. Because of the difference, the “wet” areas will maintain heat energy longer than other areas, providing the infrared thermographer with a clear picture of the damaged areas.

MSI annual roof scans are an essential part of any preventative maintenance program.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance is necessary to help extend your roof life. This can be as simple as keeping gutters and drains free of debris – or can involve a Preventative Maintenance Schedule agreement. We help you meet your obligation per roofing warranties on your roof.

  • Extend existing roof life
  • Evaluate energy efficient and provide related roof enhancements
  • Identify and address roof safety concerns such as skylight protection, hatch rail systems and warning lines that will meet or exceed OSHA requirements
  • Provide photos and analysis reports to identify moisture within a roof system
  • Establish roof condition and assist in the development of roofing budgets
Emergency Leak Services

MSI knows that timely and proper repairs are imperative to preclude widespread damage and possible elimination or control of mold issues due to wetness. The control of leaks and an annual preventive maintenance program will help sustain a roof in the proper condition.

Site Roof Inspections

MSI performs roof inspections that can detect problems that could be potential roof leaks in the future. It’s our attention to details that can help to prevent possible damage to your facility and its assets. MSI roof analyses include photos and a complete status report.

Some of the areas we evaluate for possible issues include:

  • Drain in gutters, downspouts and scuppers
  • Counter flashing areas including reglets and termination points
  • Roof penetrations and projections common to pipes, vents and HVAC units
  • Membrane conditions such as blisters, ridging, splits and punctures
  • Roof accessories such as pitch pans, skylights and expansion joints
Roof Consulting

MSI can provide complete roof consulting services for commercial, industrial, private sector, and institutional clientele. Our professional service capability encompasses all phases of roof management including state of the art investigative and analysis techniques, as well as planning, budgeting, designing, construction management, observation and material quality control.